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La Salle College is an boys’ school located in Hong Kong, established in 1931. The school motto is “Truth, Kindness and Beauty” and aims to cultivate students’ character, academic and social responsibility.

La Salle College was founded in March 1863 as an all-boys school by Brothers Teliow and Archbishop James Wood of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. It was originally located at St. Michael’s Parish on N. 2nd Street in the Olde Kensington section of Philadelphia. LaSalle soon moved into a building vacated by St. Joseph’s College at 1234 Filbert Street in Center City, Philadelphia. In 1886, due to the growth of the downtown area, La Salle moved to a third location, the former home of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’ great-great-grandfather, Michael Bouvier, in North Bouvier. 1240 Lord Street. Due to space constraints, in 1930 La Salle moved to its current campus at 20th Street and Olney Avenue in the city’s Logan neighborhood. The new location has a suburban feel, with ample land, but is connected to the city by trams and the new Broad Street subway.

The school also focuses on developing students’ leadership and social skills, with a variety of clubs and activities such as the Student Union, Drama Club, Music Troupe and Sports Team.

Graduates of La Salle College go on to achieve great academically, professionally and socially. They have a high reputation in various industries and play an important role in Hong Kong and globally.