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Menlo College is a private, four-year college located in Atherton, California. It was founded in 1927 and offers bachelor’s degrees in business administration, psychology, finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship. The college has a small student body, with approximately 800 undergraduate students. Menlo College is known for its strong business program and emphasis on experiential learning. The campus is located in the heart of Silicon Valley, providing students with opportunities for internships and networking with industry professionals.

Menlo College was founded in 1927 when the Menlo School for Boys grew to include a junior college. The institution, under the leadership of Dr. Lowry Howard, changed its name to Menlo School and Junior College. The college admitted 27 students that year. Enrollment in the school and college rose to 112 the following year, with 80 of those students attending the college.

The effects of the 1929 stock market crash and subsequent depression reached Menlo in 1931, and the institution faced the possibility of having to close its doors. Deliverance came in the form of two generous acts. First, Board Chairman C. F. Michaels made a series of substantial loans to Menlo to help sustain its operations. That same year, the Town of Atherton voted to deed a strip of land to Menlo, allowing the institution to expand its campus. The property was originally the site for a proposed new road, but the town decided that the new road would not be necessary.

From the founding of the junior college through 1932, Howard and Michaels had been meeting with Dr. Ray Lyman Wilbur, president of Stanford University, to discuss the possibility of having Menlo serve as Stanford’s lower division institution. The three developed a detailed plan wherein Stanford would drop its freshman and sophomore classes and Menlo would move its operations to the Stanford campus. The Stanford Board of Trustees reviewed the plans and turned down the proposal. Stanford would maintain its four-year undergraduate program. Wilbur remained interested in Menlo nonetheless, and in 1933, he appointed six members of the Stanford faculty to educational advisory roles at Menlo.

The start of World War II brought to Menlo the challenge of reduced enrollment. To balance the student body, Howard instated a four-four plan wherein grades 7 through 10 were designated to the school while grades 11 through 14 constituted the college.