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Which company will you use to ship degree certificates?

Diploma Shipping Delivery Details

We understand the importance of ensuring that your diploma or transcript document is delivered promptly to you, which is why we offer our clients…

Guaranteed Delivery Dates!

Online Package Tracking!

24 Hour Turnaround!

When will my package arrive?

It depends on your detailed address. When we finish printing, it will take about 3-5 days for you to receive the certificate. We will send you the courier tracking number the next day.

What are my options and how much do they cost?

Yes, we will use international DHL or FedEx express company. Shipping costs are included in the price of the document, free shipping.

Package Tracking

All of our packages include package tracking, allowing you to track your order from our warehouse to your door for free. After scanning your package, our delivery drivers will generate a tracking number, which will then be sent to your email address. Please note that the tracking number may not immediately activate and show package updates on FedEx/DHL’s website as it may take several hours to update.

Possible Delays

Possible rewrites:

  •  There are various factors that could cause delays, such as requests for special handling, orders made on weekends or holidays, requests for order proof, or unforeseeable events like natural disasters
  • Delayed deliveries may be caused by different reasons, including specific requests, weekend or holiday orders, order proof requirements, or unexpected circumstances such as natural disasters.

What Is the Process to Package and Secure Documents During Transportation?

We will have diploma certificates packed in free wallets, perfect when you receive them.
Sensitive information like diploma certificates will not be displayed on the package, it is very safe.

Will the Package Mention “Diploma Company”?

Absolutely not! Our packages won’t mention the name of our website or include any references to “diploma” or “transcript”. Your privacy is our top priority, and we guarantee completely anonymous packaging.

What if my package is late or lost?

If you have any worries about your order being delayed, missing in transit, or any similar issues, kindly inform us. We keep track of shipments from our end and do our best to identify and resolve problems. But if you notice any problems with the delivery, please reach out to us. We assure you of a swift resolution, prints replacement, and other necessary actions.