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The Defense Act 1903 established the operational and command structure of the Australian Army.

The Australian Army is the primary land warfare force of Australia. It is part of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and is responsible for protecting Australia’s interests both locally and internationally.

The army is organized into a number of different units, including infantry, armored, artillery, and aviation units.

In recent years, the Australian Army has been involved in a number of international missions, including peacekeeping and humanitarian operations in countries such as East Timor, Iraq, and Afghanistan. It has also played a key role in disaster relief efforts, providing support and assistance to communities affected by natural disasters such as bushfires and floods.

The army also works closely with other branches of the ADF and with international partners to promote regional and global security.

In summary, the Australian Army is a highly capable and professional force that plays a vital role in protecting Australia’s interests both at home and abroad. Its commitment to excellence and its dedication to serving the nation make it a source of pride for all Australians. How quickly order fake Australian Army diploma? who knows to make a fake Australian Army certificate?