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Orange Coast College (OCC) is a public community college located in Costa Mesa, Orange County, California. buy fake degree, buy fake diploma, buy fake certificate.

It offers Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees, certificates of achievement, and lower division courses that are transferable to other colleges and universities.

The college enrolls approximately 24,000 undergraduate students. In terms of population size, Orange Coast College is the third largest college in Orange County.

Orange Coast College was established after local voters passed a measure in the January 1947 election to establish a new junior college on the 243-acre (0.98 km²) Provided by the War Assets Administration in Washington.

DC, and is part of the 1,300 school-acre (5.3 km2) decommissioned Santa Ana Army Air Force Base. Can I order fake diploma? Order fake certificate online.

On July 28, 1947, the first official school district board hired Basil Hyrum Peterson, the college’s founding principal and superintendent of the school district.
In February 1948, Peterson hired Fran Albers as the college’s carpenter, and construction of the campus’ classrooms and facilities began.

Albers’ crew of 35 workers (mostly Coast football players paid 60 cents an hour) turned an Army movie theater into an auditorium and music hall; a service club into a 500-seat gymnasium.

became a facility for theater productions and student/staff weddings. a military warehouse was converted into a library.

Army PX moved into the student center.

The battalion headquarters building was converted into an administration building. Housing for faculty and staff. Where can I order fake Orange Coast College degree?