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get Istituto Marangoni certificate
get Istituto Marangoni certificate

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Istituto Marangoni’s diploma program focuses on cultivating students’ creativity and innovative thinking, and encourages students to develop their talents and creativity in the fields of fashion design, fashion marketing, fashion management and fashion media. Through the practice of courses and projects, students will master the latest technologies and trends in the fashion industry, and improve their professional skills and professionalism.

The diploma program at Istituto Marangoni offers students a wide range of opportunities for career development.

Istituto Marangoni is a world-renowned fashion institute founded in 1935 and headquartered in Milan, Italy. The academy has multiple campuses around the world, including London, Paris, Shanghai and Dubai. It is one of the most prestigious academies in the fashion industry and one of the first fashion academies in the world.

Istituto Marangoni’s courses cover the fields of fashion, design and art. It offers a wide variety of study opportunities for students, including undergraduate, masters and short courses.

Istituto Marangoni’s teaching method is very practical and hands-on. The Istituto Marangoni is a private Italian school of fashion and design.