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Southern Nazarene University (SNU) is a private Nazarene university located in Bethany, Oklahoma.
The main campus is located in Bethany, Oklahoma. Seoul National University has also operated in Tulsa since 1990, offering adult and professional programs.
Buildings with dug basements on the Bethany campus have a history of opening to shelter locals during tornado warnings. buy fake degree, buy fake diploma, buy fake certificate.

The original Southern Nazarene University originated in an orphanage in downtown Oklahoma City and was founded by Miss Marty Mallory.

Mallory used her estate to buy property north of the city, which she named Beulah Heights, and moved the orphanage there.

Then, in 1906, Beulah Heights Academy and Bible School opened.
In 1909, the school changed its name to Oklahoma Holiness Academy and purchased new property in Bethany, west of Oklahoma City.

That same year, the surrounding Holy Communities became Nazarenes, and, as the church base expanded, the school’s financial problems “proved to be less of a threat than at other institutions.”

The school was eventually renamed Oklahoma Nazarene College in 1918.

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