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Touro University is a private Jewish university system headquartered in New York City.

with branches throughout the United States as well as one each in Germany, Israel and Russia.

It was founded by Bernard Lander in 1971 and named for Isaac and Judah Touro. buy fake degree, buy fake diploma, buy fake certificate.

Its main campus in New York City is the largest private Jewish university in the US.

Touro initially focused on higher education for the Jewish community, but it now serves a diverse population of over 19,000 students across 35 schools.

There are many branches of Touro University, including Lander College for Men (all-male college) and Lander College for Women (all-women’s college).

the School for Lifelong Education, founded in 1989;[8] Touro University California, founded in 1997; and the School of Health Sciences, founded in 1972.

Touro has undergraduate offerings in Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan.

Touro has further expanded to include Touro University Nevada, Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine, Berlin, Moscow and Jerusalem. I want to buy fake TU diploma online. Do you know make a fake Touro College certificate?