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Douglas College Certificate Program Overview

Douglas College offers a wide range of certificate programs that are designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills required to succeed in their chosen field. These programs are typically shorter in duration than degree programs and are often focused on a specific area of study.

Certificate programs at Douglas College are available in a variety of fields, including business, health sciences, social sciences, and creative arts. Some of the most popular certificate programs at Douglas College include the Business Management Certificate, the Health Care Assistant Certificate, and the Early Childhood Education Certificate.

Students in this program will learn about topics such as accounting, marketing, human resources, and organizational behavior.

Students in this program will learn about topics such as patient care, medication administration, and medical terminology.

The crowned heart in the center of the coat of arms is a feature of the Douglas family coat of arms, including the College’s namesake, Sir James Douglas, and the College’s motto “Do what you love”. It tops with a crown made of cedar, a wood native to the region. There is a crow on the top, which means being as smart as a bird. There are also two Douglas fir trees surrounding the crow, meant to signify the relationship to the college’s name. In the Coast Salish language, beneath the shield, are the words “Excellence, Knowledge, Passion”. The reference to Aboriginal languages is an acknowledgment of the College’s operations in Aboriginal territories.

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