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The college has excellent teaching facilities and faculty, providing students with the best learning environment and conditions.

Holmes Institute’s teaching courses cover business management, accounting, marketing, information technology, tourism and hotel management and other fields. Among them, the business management major is one of the most popular courses in the college. Students can learn the latest business trends and management concepts here, and at the same time gain practical experience to better adapt to the future workplace.

The faculty of Holmes Institute is very strong, and the teachers are experts with extensive experience in their respective fields. Not only do they impart knowledge in the classroom, but they also help students develop their practical skills and leadership skills. Students can get invaluable guidance and advice from them in order to better prepare themselves for their careers.

Holmes Institute also provides students with a rich student life and social activities. Students can participate in a variety of social activities, sports competitions and cultural festivals to better integrate into the school community. In addition, students can participate in various practical projects and internship opportunities to better understand their career interests and abilities.

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