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TAFE NSW (Technical and Further Education New South Wales) is a vocational education and training provider in New South Wales, Australia. It offers a wide range of courses and qualifications in various fields such as business, construction, health, hospitality, information technology, and more. TAFE NSW has multiple campuses across the state and also offers online and flexible learning options. The institution aims to provide students with practical skills and knowledge to enhance their career prospects and meet the demands of the job market.

TAFE NSW has existed for over 130 years aiming to upskill the workforce of New South Wales. Demand for vocational education suffered during the early years of the Depression until a decision to expand training services was made to help decrease high unemployment rates by the mid 1930s. Growth also occurred in the industry after World War I and World War II in response to the need to support Australia’s war effort. It also played a part in transitioning the population back into civilian work post war. buy fake degree, buy fake diploma, buy fake certificate.

The establishment of the Technical and Further Education Commission (TAFEC) alongside Commonwealth funding was a key historic moment – Technical Education then became known as TAFE and was established as its own educational body. Local education needs were then met by the regionalisation of community colleges to allow its expansion across the state.

Between 2012 and 2016 attendance at TAFE NSW campuses dropped by 83,000 students. In the same period, fees had increased substantially. In a bid to curb this reduction in attendance, 2016 fees were frozen at their 2015 level.

In September 2015, a leaked document revealed the State government intended to close 27 sites in order to reduce costs and raise funds.