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University of Law is a private university in the United Kingdom that specializes in legal education. It offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in law, including the Bachelor of Laws (LLB), Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL), Legal Practice Course (LPC), and Master of Laws (LLM). The university has multiple campuses across the UK, including London, Birmingham, Bristol, Chester, Guildford, Leeds, Manchester, and Nottingham. It is known for its practical and career-focused approach to legal education, with strong links to the legal profession and a high employability rate for its graduates.

The Law Society of England and Wales created The College of Law in 1962 by merging its own solicitors’ training school, the Law Society School of Law (founded in 1903) with the tutorial firm Gibson and Weldon (established in 1876). were officially granted on 5 September 1967 to the then College of Law. The coat of arms of the College of Law of England and Wales was depicted with the motto Leges Juraque Cognoscamus (“Let us know the laws and rights”). The crest was deprecated when the institution became a private limited company.

The college was created in its legal form by Royal Charter on 5 December 1975. It was registered as a charity on 24 May 1976, with the aim “to promote the advancement of legal education and the study of law in all its branches”. Until the transfer of its training business to The College of Law Limited in 2012, The College of Law was in the top 100 of UK charities ranked by expenditure.

Following the recommendations of the Ormrod Report on the reform of legal education in England and Wales, The Law Society submitted proposals in 1975 for a 36-week Final Examination course for aspiring solicitors and a Common Professional Examination (CPE) or law conversion course for non-law graduates to be taught at The College of Law. The first CPE was held in 1978. The number of institutions approved to deliver the CPE gradually increased until by 2006 the BPP Law School and 27 universities, most of them former polytechnics, were also running the course. However, the leading providers of the CPE (now called the Graduate Diploma in Law) remained The College of Law and BPP Law School, whose enrollments still “dwarfed” those of the universities in 2010.

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