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Western Washington University is a public university located in Bellingham, Washington. make fake Western Washington University degree, It was founded in 1893 and is known for its strong programs in environmental science, education, business, and the arts. The university offers over 160 undergraduate and graduate programs across seven colleges and schools. It has a student population of around 16,000, with a focus on small class sizes and a personalized educational experience. Western Washington University is also recognized for its commitment to sustainability and is consistently ranked as one of the top green universities in the United States.

Western was established as the Northwest Normal School, a teachers’ school predominantly for women although men also enrolled, by Phoebe Judson in Lynden, Washington, in 1886. order fake Western Washington University diploma, Eventually the school moved to Bellingham (then “New Whatcom”), and through the efforts of William R. Moultray and George Judson (Phoebe’s son).[9] Governor John McGraw signed legislation establishing the New Whatcom Normal School on February 24, 1893. In November 1895, construction began on a permanent school building, now known as Old Main, the current administration building. Designed by prominent Seattle architects Warren Skillings & James Corner, it was completed by early 1897 but could not be opened to students until funds could be secured to install heating, lighting, and to do general grounds maintenance, which were not included in the original contract.[10] The first official class entered in 1899, composed of 88 students.

The institution that is now Western Washington University underwent several name changes. In 1901, the school’s name was changed to State Normal School at Whatcom to reflect New Whatcom’s name change. In 1904, the name was changed to Washington State Normal School at Bellingham when the townships of Whatcom and Fairhaven joined, and again in 1937, to Western Washington College of Education when it became a four-year college.  obtain fake Western Washington University degree certificate,Twenty-four years later it became Western Washington State College and finally, in 1977, the institution gained university status and changed to its present name.

The 1960s was a period of especially rapid growth for Western, as its enrollment increased from 3,000 students to over 10,000 during the decade. Also during this time, the Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies was founded (1967), with non-traditional education methods that would serve as a model for The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. Two years later, the College of the Environment, the nation’s first dedicated environmental science college, was founded, continuing Western’s trend toward “cluster” colleges. That same year, on a spring afternoon, students gained headlines by blocking Interstate 5 to protest the Vietnam War. Also in 1969, the College of Ethnic Studies was established; however, after being met with significant resistance, it was dismantled in 1975.