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Lycoming College is a private liberal arts college in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Best site to buy fake Lycoming College diploma online.

Founded in 1812, Lycoming College is affiliated with the United Methodist Church but operates as an independent institution.

Through its history, it has been an academy, seminary. junior college, and four-year Lycoming College fake diploma in USA.

Lycoming College traces its roots to 1812 and the founding of the “Williamsport Academy for the Education of Youth in English and other languages.

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Eight spirited citizens secured the charter for the school and founded the academy to improve the educational opportunities of the community.

It was one of the early academics in Pennsylvania which placed it on the frontier of academy-based education in the state.

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By 1847, Williamsport had a public school system in place. Benjamin H.

Crever, a Methodist preacher based in Milton, heard the academy was for sale.