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Mercyhurst University is a private Roman Catholic university located in Erie, Pennsylvania.
On September 20, 1926, Mercyhurst College opened just a few blocks from the city’s southern border. It was founded by the Sisters of Mercy in the Diocese of Ely, led by Mother M. Borgia Egan, who became the first Headmaster of Merseyhurst College. The College received its charter on October 5, 1928.

In 1963, the pre-university department was spun off to form Mercyhurst Preparatory School, located behind the university.
On February 3, 1969, the Board of Trustees voted to make Mercyhurst coeducational. Members of the Sisters of Mercy served as presidents of the college from its founding in 1926 until 1972. After 1972, the lay principal led the college. buy fake degree, buy fake diploma, buy fake cerrtificate.
On March 27, 1991, Mercyhurst purchased the 100-year-old Redemptorist Seminary in the Northeast and turned it into a branch campus offering associate degrees and one-year certificates.

Across its five campuses, enrollment has grown to more than 4,000 students, taught by 168 faculty members. The endowment has grown to more than $20 million, and its budget exceeds $85 million.

The Mary D’Angelo Center for the Performing Arts opened in February 1996. Then, in the fall of 2002, the $7.5 million Audrey Hirt Academic Center opened on the southeastern edge of campus, funded primarily by the college’s $22.8 million capital campaign.

In August 2005, the $5 million Michele and Tom Ridge Health and Safety Building opened at Mercyhurst North East. A $1.3 million residential apartment complex also opened in time for the school year on the Northeast campus. Buy fake Mercyhurst College diploma in USA.