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Cambrian College is a college of applied arts and technology located in Greater Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. Founded in 1967, Cambrian is funded by the Province of Ontario and has campuses in Sudbury, Espanola and Little Current.

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Mary; North Bay and Sault campuses became independent Canadore College and Sault College in 1972 and 1973 respectively.

Until 1995, Cambrian was a bilingual institution, offering courses in English and French.

As the largest college in northern Ontario, Cambrian College has more than 4,100 full-time students and nearly 80 full-time programs, many of which are specifically tailored to Aboriginal academic and employment aspirations. [citation needed] A further 9,000 people enroll each year in part-time personal, professional and human resource development courses, workshops and seminars. Teaching methods include classroom learning, independent learning, distance education and the Internet.

The various programs at Cambrian College are organized under the umbrella of five larger schools:

School of Business and Information Technology; Creative Arts, Design and Music; and Hospitality.

School of Justice; Community Service; and General Education
skills training schools; and community and enterprise learning
School of Engineering Technology and Environmental Studies

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