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Durham College of Applied Arts and Technology is located in the Durham Region of Ontario, Canada, with a campus co-located with Ontario Tech University in Oshawa, a second campus in Whitby, and community employment services in Uxbridge, Port Hope, Port Perry, Beaverton, Oshawa and Bowmanville.

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Opened on September 18, 1967, the college has 16 traveling classrooms, 14 faculty members, and 205 students, offering courses in applied arts, business, and technology. The college soon added health sciences and adult training classes, growing to 1,250 students by its 10th anniversary.

The College grew in the 1980s, with enrollment increasing to 2,700 in 1987 and further expansion of the facility, including the construction of a new robotics laboratory, a precursor to the integrated manufacturing center on campus today.

In the early 1990s, the Whitby campus opened with a skills training centre, where thousands of apprentices have already studied.

The college has partnerships with York University and Trent University, first bringing university courses to Durham College’s Oshawa campus, and then a partnership with Ontario Institute of Technology, which opened in 2003. Durham and Ontario Institute of Technology enter into higher education partnership, sharing a campus, some facilities and select services

The Simcoe building was removed and replaced by the CFCE building.

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